Yambe Tam’s (b. 1989, USA) creative practice combines ancient materials with contemporary processes in sculptures and installations that converge the scientific and spiritual. Lost wax bronze casting, mould making, oil painting, gilding, weaving, laser cutting, CNC machining come together in objects that disrupt linear notions of time and space such as wormholes, labyrinths, and voids, revealing invisible structures of reality and bringing one closer to the unknown. With research based in cognitive science, psychology, theoretical physics, and Eastern philosophy, Tam studies the evolution of consciousness, while her personal experience in contemplative practices such as Zen Buddhism directly connects to the work to human experience. Her creations function as metaphysical thresholds or gateways, a divide between non-understanding and understanding, ignorance and awakening, the known and unknown. Experience of the artwork is therefore an experience of passage, one that holds potential for transformation through surrender and transcending the sense of self as one awakens to a higher state of being, a process which bridges the sacred and profane, science and religion, spiritual and bodily experience.